For those of you who have already visited us, we would appreciate it if you could take a bit of your time to respond to the following questions. Your feedback will help us serve you better in the future.

Thank you.


1) Where did you find out about Underwater World Langkawi?


Media  Website  Family/Relatives  Friends  

Tour Agencies  Advertisements/Promotional Brochures

Others, please state:

2) What do you think of Underwater World Langkawi as an International Tourist attraction?


Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

3) What do you think of our entrance fees (ticket prices)?


Expensive  Moderate  Reasonable


4) What is your opinion on the following ecosystem?


Sub Antarctic

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:


Tropical Rainforest

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:


Freshwater  & Marine Life

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

5) Which species attracted you most at Underwater World Langkawi? (rank them from 1 to 7).










Sea Dragon 

6) What do you think of the following?


Info Theatre

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:


Art Gallery

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:


Photo Gallery

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:


Interactive Floor

Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

7) How do you rate our souvenirs in terms of quality and price?


Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

8) What do you think of the quality of the food and services at our Café?


Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

9) What is your general opinion of Underwater World Langkawi (its layout, the exhibits, our signages etc.)


Good  Average  Poor  Why?:

10) Do you think that Underwater World Langkawi can be categorized as an Educational and Research Centre.


Yes  No  Not Sure

11) Please give your suggestions as to how we could improve UWL.


Please let us know who you are:



Male  Female



41 and Above  31-40  21-30  Below 20



Student  Employee  Self Employed/Businessman

Please State:



Malaysian  Foreign  Please State:

Thank you for taking time to answer our questionnaire.














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